Girls and women “can't be, what they can't see”

Making Her Mark supports girls and women to explore careers in non-traditional occupations and industries. We inspire, encourage and educate females, from 16 – 64 years, to embrace a variety of career choices uninhibited by gender stereotypes. There are massive advantages that come from addressing gender equality in the workplace; increased productivity, sparking higher levels of innovation and diversity of views. Gender perceptions about subjects, study pathways and career options ‘suitable for women’ often starts in schools, families, and communities resulting in fewer girls choosing to study STEM subjects and young women seeking careers elsewhere.

Through Making Her Mark our role is to;

Making Her Mark aims to inspire you to ‘make your mark’, learn how to ‘make your mark’ and supports you in ‘making your own mark’!

Introducing members of our steering committee

Great programs, like Making Her Mark, don’t just happen by accident. Women in our committee have either worked with or are working in non-traditional industries. Their insights, knowledge, skills, and guidance has been invaluable in helping shape Making Her Mark – inspiring you to ‘make your mark’, learning how to ‘make your mark’ and encouraging you in ‘making your own mark’!

Victoria Daniels

Making Her Mark Program Coordinator

Alexis McKay

Diversity Coordinator University of Adelaide

Tahlia Caviezel

ANZ Supply Planner Visy

Maryanne Katsidis

Director and Founder of MAK Marketing and MAK Venture Capital

Lyndal Sterenberg

Director and Owner, The Thought Leadership Initiative

Litsa Adamou

Building Inspector and General Manager at House Inspect Australia

Kelly Keates

Director, Zonge Engineering and Research Organisation (Aust) Pty Ltd

Darlene Voss

Committee Chair and Making Her Mark Project Coordinator

Brianna Cleggett

Associate Director, Infrastructure and Capital Projects
Deloitte Australia

Beth Worrall

National Skills Lead and Program Director Social Value (public sector) Microsoft

Angela DiFabio

Innovation Manager, RAA