A group of women chilling at a cafe

Whether in your studies or at work, your chances of success will always be enhanced if you’re able to put your best foot forward.
Gaining experience in the world gives students, career changers, and job seekers alike the opportunity to display skills and knowledge in different settings and situations. Through experiences and interactions with people in different roles, or by studying different pathways, we have a chance to challenge gender-based stereotyping, raise our aspirations, and to find a career pathway that’s right for us.
Work experience and volunteering is a wonderful way to gain some first-hand knowledge of the type of industry you’re looking at joining. If you’re struggling to find ideas on possible career paths, extra-curricular experiences and activities can really help you decide on what you want (and don’t want) as part of your career pathway.
Download the Making Her Mark guide (link to guide) and download the work experiences, internships, or volunteering checklist to help you Make your Mark and get the most of our work experiences, internships, or volunteering.