Angela DiFabio


Innovation Manager,
Technology Industry

What is your advice to girls and women about working in non-traditional roles/ industries?

Lots of people will doubt you and find ways to pull you down.  Your strength will need to come from within by having thick skin, passion, and self-belief.  Always do good and be kind.  This will be rewarded in unexpected ways.

Expect the unexpected, trust the universe and finally, enjoy the ride!

What are the coolest things about working in your industry?

I get to shape some of the future innovations that go to market. Also, working in the bleeding edge of new technology is exciting.

Did you know about the industry you now work in before you started?

No.  I came from 5 other non-related industries. Agriculture, Banking and Finance, Viticulture and Oenology, Hospitality, Tertiary Education and then Innovation.

What do you love most about your role?

Meeting creative people all wanting to change the world to make it a better place.

Were there hobbies or interests that influenced your career?


What are some things that helped in your career?

Hard work, lifelong learning via formal and informal education, desire to do good stuff and support the community.

What or who has influenced your career journey?

Two women gave me a ‘leg-up’ to elevate me where I would have otherwise been overlooked.  Having strong networks with good people is important.

What subjects did you love or were you good at in school?

English, languages, and tech studies.

What did you want to be or do when you left school?

I had no idea.  In a way that helped me a lot as I wasn’t wedded to a job or industry.  This allowed me to be agile to the opportunities that were presented to me.

What type of qualifications did you study?

  • Flinders University: Bachelor of Business 
  • Flinders University: Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Manager, Technology and services
  • Company Director, Winery 
  • Development & Engagement Manager
  • Board Member, Blockchain Association

Lastly, how are you making your own mark?

By giving back.  Truly rewarding.

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