Bronwyn Merce


Cybersecurity Architect,

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What is your advice to girls and women about working in non-traditional roles/ industries?

There is a place for you in whatever industry you want to work in. You have a unique skillset and perspective that you can bring to the table, regardless of your background or where you started your career.

What are some of the coolest things you like about working in your industry?

Opportunities to make a huge impact on the world, endless things to learn, challenging problems to solve.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I get to design and build systems which impact millions of people around Australia, improving social and economic outcomes for Australian citizens.

What successful strategies have you used that have helped you transition to working in a non-traditional industry?

Not applicable, as I have been working in technology since I left high school.

How did you get started in your career pathway and what helped you along your career journey?

After finishing high school in 2011, I applied for a traineeship program with the Reserve Bank of Australia. The program was 2 years in length and provided 6 rotations in different areas of the IT department. I was also sponsored to complete a Cert IV in IT through a registered training provider. During the traineeship program, I gained real-world experience and exposure to different IT specialisations. My favourite rotation was in the IT security team, where I was surrounded by smart people who were working on interesting problems. At the end of the traineeship program, I was offered a permanent position in the RBA’s IT Security team and continued working full-time while completing my university studies in Information Technology.

What or who has influenced your career pathway?

I have had some amazing managers throughout my career so far who have actively supported me to achieve my goals and have encouraged me to think bigger about what I can achieve.

In school what subjects did you enjoy most or were good at?

My favourite subjects were a mix of technology and creativity – I loved my art and IT subjects in high school.

And lastly, we’d love if you could share how you are making your own mark?

I am making my mark by enabling other women to succeed and grow in cybersecurity. I aim to develop the next generation of cybersecurity leaders through volunteering with initiatives like the Australian Women in Security Network, running training for university students and through mentoring of female colleagues at Microsoft

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