What are some of the coolest things you like about working in your industry?

I love meeting like-minded people who are also in construction. I’ve had so many opportunities since I started my brick laying apprenticeship. The coolest thing is about working in this industry is bringing people’s dream homes to life.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I enjoy working outdoors, the hard work is so rewarding and finishing a house. I love meeting new people and this apprenticeship has opened so many doors for me. The workdays fly by when you’re having a laugh with the team and listening to the radio.

What successful strategies have you used that have helped you transition to working in a non-traditional industry?

I would definitely say having a background in fitness, specifically weightlifting. This has helped my transition into bricklaying that much smoother. I try to focus on getting enough sleep through the week. Remember food is fuel, I’ve found eating nutritious food throughout the day really helps me work to my highest level.

How did you get started in your career pathway and what helped you along your career journey?

I had some connections in the construction industry, and I went out to site with one of my friends who is a bricklayer and did a work day with him to see how I found the work. I loved it and he introduced me to my now boss, and it’s been a great experience ever since.

What or who has influenced your career pathway?

My family has definitely influenced my career, they have always taught me to follow my passions and interests and to work hard. They have been so supportive throughout the whole process, and I am so grateful for that.

In school what subjects did you enjoy most or were good at?

I had a strong passion for health and fitness.

What did you want to be or do when you left school. How does this compare with where you are now?

When I left school, I wanted to be a personal trainer and work one on one with women. Over the past couple years, I got my personal training and massage therapy qualifications and then found bricklaying and decided to follow that.

Are you able to provide information about your qualifications?

I’m undergoing my CIII bricklaying and block laying. I’m doing my apprenticeship through TAFE SA.

What advice would you give to others (girls/women) about following careers in non-traditional industries?

I would advise women to get in some physical exercise before starting a trade. Especially weight lifting, It will make the transition that much easier. I would advise women to prioritise sleep through the week and eating whole nutritious food.

And lastly, we’d love if you could share how, you are making your own mark?

I’m making my own mark through posting on social media and bringing awareness to working women in non-traditional trades.

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