Senior Procurement Consultant,

What is your advice to girls and women about working in non-traditional roles/ industries?

That there is a lot of support out there for women in non-traditional industries, and the opportunities are endless if you want them.  Don’t let your doubt stop you from having the career you want.

What are the coolest things about working in your industry?

The variety of industries I get to work with, I get to learn a little about a lot of things.

What or who has influenced your career journey?

My university lecturers were a big influence, as they showed me how procurement is part of every industry and that the options are endless as to where it can take you. From there, previous colleagues influenced what roles and projects I wanted to work in.

Did you know about the industry you now work in before you started?

I know of mining, but didn’t know much about it at the time.

What do you love most about your role?

The variety, and the positive impact we can make on people’s opinions of procurement.

Were there hobbies or interests that influenced your career?


What are some things that helped in your career?

I got started by being offered a graduate position interstate in the procurement function of a global mining company. From there mentors and putting my hand up for new opportunities really helped me grow in my career. 

What subjects did you love or were you good at in school?

I loved science subjects the most, particularly chemistry.

What did you want to be or do when you left school?

After I left school, I thought I wanted to study something more science related but took a year off and eventually changed to a degree in Human Resources management. I knew pretty quickly it wasn’t for me, so after talking to some lecturers I switched to Management (Supply Chain & Logistics).

What type of qualifications did you study?

  • Bachelor of Management (Logistics & Supply Chain)
  • Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

What are the types of roles you’ve had?  

  • Consultant (across many industries)  
  • Sourcing Specialist, Mining (remote mine site)
  • Sourcing Analyst Mining (remote mine site) 
  • Graduate, Mining 

Lastly, how are you making your own mark?

By not holding back from voicing my opinion and encouraging other women to do the same.

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