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Hannah studied a five-year degree in Architecture and Construction Management at Deakin University and is now working as a graduate with a Tier 1 Construction Company in Adelaide.

Hannah can speak about the construction industry and is available in person as an inspiring speaker, for mentoring.
career speed dating sessions, and workshops sessions to help students understand the skills they need for careers in the construction industry.

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Growing up, I always loved helping mum and dad with their home renovations and going to house inspections on the weekend. This interest grew whilst I was at high school and led me to study housing and design during Year 12. The subject introduced me to designing and I found myself becoming obsessed with drawing and curating. With this new found interest, I had clarity when it came time to choosing my career pathway and decided that I did want to further my studies at university.

In 2018, I moved from my hometown in Tasmania up to Geelong and began my five-year degree studying Architecture and Construction Management at Deakin University. This degree was challenging but in the best way possible. I was able to meet a lot of different people and experience first hand what it would be like to work in the built environment. My interest in construction overcame my interest in design / Architecture and I managed to land a job with a residential company. The experience and knowledge I gained from working complemented my university studies and solidified my interest in the construction industry.
In my final year of university, I applied for a commercial construction position that was designated for graduates of similar degrees.

I went through the interview process and was successful, although was offered the position in Adelaide. Moving to Adelaide was not something I had envisioned for myself, and it took a fair but of convincing and encouraging to even consider the idea.
A few weeks later, I decided that I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity and committed to the big move, all I had to do now was go and get my degree.

Nearly 8 months later, I’m living in Adelaide and working full time for a Tier 1 Construction company and haven’t looked back!