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Hazel can share her experiences of studying within the Australian Science and Mathematics School. She has undertaken internship opportunities at Mott Macdonald, BEER labs, TOPCON systems etc., and has already been offered a job for next year while still in high school.

Hazel can speak about STEM studies and is available to speak in person as an inspiring Ambassador for Making Her Mark.


I have been incredibly interested in technology since middle school. I vividly remember my computer-science teacher in year 2, who took apart the CPU to show me how it looked on the inside. She was the first person who introduced me to how amazing computers are. I remember being awestruck by the motherboard. Ever since, I began taking part in informatics Olympiads from the age of 10. I have received numerous distinction awards over the years in the subject. Today, alongside being a Year 12 student at the Australian Science and Mathematics School, I am studying an accelerated course on Computational Intelligence and Programming at Flinders University, honoring my interest.

Last year, I accompanied 14 students from my school to a Cybersecurity competition held by PaloAlto Networks. Out of 80 participants, I was the only identifying woman. Mildly daunting as it was, I used my pre-existing knowledge to win fourth place in the competition. It was a mellow reminder of how much I loved learning about Computer Science.

The ‘Women in STEM’ initiative strongly resonates with me. I always find myself at various events that empower women in the science industry and one day hope to inspire other girls to be a part of it, too. I am the only girl in my specialist math class, and one of the few who are studying a computational course at university.

I enjoy studying the use of AI in cultivating designs in the Fashion industry. I believe there is a huge scope of using technology to revolutionize sustainable fashion. I love taking initiative and am often the only high school student in open company events full of university graduates and professionals. This has let me grow a lot as an individual. It makes me increasingly confident speaking to CEOs of STEM based companies. Being able to learn from these professionals, my teachers, and peers is extremely valuable to me. I also enjoy helping my peers by explaining to them concepts of physics and mathematics. It gives me a sense of achievement knowing that people confide in my learning methods! I am extremely dedicated and have a strong growth mindset. I’ve taught myself Python, C# and Java, and am constantly learning more about the STEM industry through as many opportunities as I can. I am always excited to share my path and learning with other girls, and often speak at my school assembly to encourage more girls join me in STEM related activities.