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Manvi has a Masters Degree and works as an Academic Science Lecturer specializing in teaching STEM courses at The University of Adelaide College.

Manvi can speak to aspiring STEM professionals about Sciences and is available as an inspiring speaker, for mentoring, career speed dating sessions, and workshop sessions.

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Manvi is a highly accomplished and dedicated academic with a passion for STEM education and research. She began her academic journey in Australia, where she has been actively involved in shaping the minds of future scientists and researchers. As an Academic Science Lecturer specializing in teaching STEM courses at The University of Adelaide College, she has been an integral part of the academic community since 2019. Her dedication to teaching and commitment to academic excellence has left a lasting impact on countless students.

Not only does Manvi excel in academia, but she is also equipped with an impressive record of professional associations within the industry, such as her engagement as a GIS Officer (Spatial Scientist) at the City of Adelaide. Recognised for their leadership qualities and mentoring abilities, she has been actively involved in and nurturing aspiring STEM professionals, empowering the next generation of leaders in this critical field.

Manvi continues to be an influential figure in the academic and STEM community, with her works published in reputed journals and their expertise sought after by various institutions and organisations. Her multifaceted experience and unwavering dedication make her a true asset to the fields of academic science and environmental research. As she continues her journey of academic and scientific exploration, her contributions are bound to leave a lasting impact on both current and future generations of scholars and STEM professionals.