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Maryanne Katsidis is founder of MAK Marketing and MAK Venture Capital, and has provided marketing solutions for businesses, big and small, for over two decades.

With experience as a digital strategist and marketing executive, she works with purpose-based brands across different categories and markets. Her passion is working with business leaders and individuals to build their brand recognition and ensure they achieve the highest possible engagement across social media platforms and lead conversion long term.

Maryanne is available as an inspiring speaker, for mentoring and workshop sessions on Entrepreneurship.

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Maryanne Katsidis is a Heart-Led Business Consultant that provides intuitive guidance to help leaders structure their business to their soul.

Being naturally curious and intuitive, she noticed early in her corporate career that it felt easy to guide individuals, teams, and communities towards success. She has an innate sense of how others can best leverage their gifts and unique potential.

She started her career in Marketing and then in 2010 after a ‘Tower’ moment, she felt called to study Kinesiology. Wanting to pay what I learnt forward, she then went on to treat clients, train and teach others in her signature method and has completed countless spiritual and behavioural courses over the years!

Serving others and being curious about human behaviour started a fire within her that has led me to where she is now.

Maryanne also hosts her own podcast Heart-Led Changemakers. She has an innate ability to draw people’s stories out, facilitating and creating cohesion between their ‘why’, their strategic action and their higher selves.